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Riverdance Biographies Past and Present

Below is a list of all the biographies that The Fans Site has collected of past and present members of the Riverdance Troupes.  If any information is incorrect or you would like to add information please email me.


Athena Tergis Brian Kennedy
Cathal Synnott Channing Cooke Holmes Des Moore
Desi Reynolds Eileen Martin Ellis Egan
Ivan Goff Karen Callaway Williams Kenneth Edge
Maria Pages Micheal Patrick Gallagher Nikola Parov
Noel Heraty Pat Roddy Riverdance Irish Dance Company
Riverdance Singers Robbie Harris Rosa Manzano Jimenez
Sara Clancy Tara Barry The Moscow Folk Ballet Company
The Riverdance Drummers Tony Steele Tsidli Le Loka
Walter Freeman

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