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The Books
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What is The Store?

The Store is your starting point for everything Riverdance, with the exception of stuff you can only get exclusively at the Riverdance Online Riverstore.  Here though you can find Books, Music, and Videos, all having something to do with Riverdance -- The Show.

Where does the items in The Store come from?

Most of the merchandise in The Store come from (American Visitors) and (United Kingdom Visitors) with the exception of some music, such as The Roots of Riverdance [Boxed Version] which comes from Barnes and Noble.  Items that do not come directly from or will have the company from which they come from indicated.

What if I have a problem with something I ordered from The Fans Website?

Any problems that you have with Items that you ordered here should be refered to (American Visitors) or (United Kingdom Visitors) unless the Item you ordered was from a different company, then your questions/comments/concerns should be directed to them.

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