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What is The Online Fans?

The Online Fans is a list of people, their email address, and Instant Message screen name/number.

The hopes of this list is to bring the fan's closer together, by getting people to talk to other about The Show, and maybe even leading into other areas of interests.  Who knows maybe we will get a big Riverdance Fan Group get-together at a Riverdance -- The Show performance.  The possibilities are endless.

How do I get listed?

So you want to get listed on The Online Fans!  First thing you need to do is to click the get listed button.  Then fill out the form telling us what information you want included on the list.

And now....
The Online Fans!


Daniel Mueller

- RDFanSite
Soile Lehtonen----
Terrey Washington66773547
Sandra Kincaid----
Lucas Johnson47975774
Jamie Zangara 64710593
Charles Plass----
Marge Cheung----
Ammar Basit--cyrus1987-
- Lucky_Irish007 -

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