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Broadway 2000
Broadway 2001

Riverdance Petition 2001

It's been  7 years since Riverdance -- The Show was first born, and in that time the show has undergone some changes:  casts, stage setup, musical pieces, act rewrites.  With all those changes the videos of Riverdance -- The Show have started to show their age, what with Michael Flatley, Colin Dunne, and Jean Buttler gone now, not to mention the loss of Eileen Ivers, and scenes Hope to the Suffering (European Version), Oscal an Doras, Harlem to Hollywood (European Version).  With all this change don't you feel its time for a new video?  I know I do, and the last time I ran our quick 4 day petition I know at least 90 others of you did to!

That is why Riverdance -- The Fans Site has drafted a new petition, one that is more strongly worded by what the fans feel.  One that will hopefully, get a response.  And lastly one that will last more than 4 days :)

You may remember that last year (February 2000) The Fans Site did a petition to Abhann productions that was supposed to reach them the day that Riverdance on Broadway opened, well miss judging the US Postal Service the petition failed to reach them on that date, plus with only a 4 day window we only received 90 e-signatures.  That is why this petition will be held open for AT LEAST 3 months.

Where to sign-up?

The Broadway 2001 Petition is no longer available for signing.  The June 17, 2001 deadline has arrived and the petition is now closed.

How long will this petition last?

Well, unlike last year's petition this one was open for 3 Months, that is June 17, 2001.  It did not go any longer, because I have noticed that e-signatures have slowed and/or halted.

Who is this petition going to?

This time around I will be sending out this petition to many different people, they include:

  • Moya Doherty
  • John McCulligan
  • Bill Whelan
  • Joan Egan
  • Julian Erskine
  • Abhann Productions Chairman of the Board of Directors

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