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I finally started something I've been wanting to do for a while, keep a list of biographies on the past and present cast members of Riverdance.  While the biographies I've had have always been available, you the user had to know how to access them and the only way before was to view the current cast listings of the companies.  The only problem with that was the cast would and still does change and you would lose access to the old member's bio.  Now I have a list of ALL bios that I have and you can easily access them whether they are current or past cast members.  Click Biographies on the left to access the new section.


Lagan Update


Well I finally got around to updating the Lagan Cast list to reflect the current cast.  Now onto  Biographies of those people


New Celtic Music Influenced by Riverdance 


Forest To Sea

I received an email earlier this week from Catherine Duc inviting me to listen to a new piece called "Into The Dawn" that she just composed.  I downloaded it and fell in love with this song, I just had to let everyone else know about it.  You can listen to "Into The Dawn" as well as other tracks from her CD 'Forest to Sea' at


Broadway Petition 2001


I received a response regarding our petition.  Would you like to read the response?


Hope to the Suffering  ***Available for Download***


If your one of those who want every song ever in Riverdance -- The Show, well I found Hope To The Suffering on Napster and have since made it available on the website.  It is available in Streaming and Download formats in the lyrics section.


Lyrics Section


In response to a message on the CelticCafe Mailing List. I felt the need to create a Lyrics section on the website, you can find it by clicking the 4th button on your left, entitled ingeniously enough "Lyrics".  I would like to have all singing songs listed but I don't know the lyrics to some of the old ones, I have to go and find my Riverdance Piano book for the lyrics to Heal their hearts, Freedom, and Oscal and Doras (which by the way is no longer in the show, replaced by Ri-Ra) and then the older songs, Harlem to Hollywood. If anyone knows those words please email them to me.


Join "The Riverdance Phenomenon"


I've added a new feature to the website, a "webring".  I've created the Riverdance Phenomenon Webring, it will contain websites that are all connected to Riverdance in some way shape or form.  I've also joined a few Webrings that I think you'll enjoy.  To access this feature just scroll down to the bottom of this page, I haven't quite figured out were I'll put the webrings, maybe just on this page, or a separate page by itself, or at the end of every page.  Send me your suggestion.

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