The Celtic Links
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About the Celtic Links

The Celtic Links, are a collection of links to Celtic related websites.  This collection will NEVER be a complete listing of Celtic sites as many come and go, but it's my hope that it will be one of the best.

Never a 404 on the Celtic Links!

Never again will you get a 404 error from the Celtic Links, thanks to htmlGEAR the Celtic Links are continuously and automatically verified for sites still in existence.  The second the site returns a 404 it's removed from the list.  404 is a thing of the past with htmlGEAR.

Site not listed?

If a site is not listed but you think it should be. Please feel free to add one by clicking the "Add Your Own Link" button.   Please include the following information:

  • The Site's Name (eg:  Riverdance -- The Fan's Website)
  • The URL of the site (e.g.:
  • A description of the site (e.g.:  A place where fans of Riverdance -- The Show can UNITE)
Note:  Leaving messages in any other part of this site asking to be included in the Celtic Links will be ignored.  Only submissions  you add yourself will be allowed (This is subject to change if abused). 

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