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Privacy Statement

What is this section about?

The Mailing List Suggestions section is all about suggesting some mailing list that I think might be interesting to you.  These are lists that I find valuable information on, and that I have subscribe to myself.

So what lists do you suggest?

Currently I am suggesting two mailing lists, The CelticCafe and The CelticCafeRIVERDANCE, both are moderated by The Celtic Cafe and powered by Yahoo! Groups.

What are these lists about?

  • CelticCafe*
    The purpose of this list is to connect Irish dance and Celtic music fans all over the world, keeping list members informed about various events, musical groups, and dance shows like Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames, Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground, Gaelforce Dance, Spirit of the Dance, Rhythm of the Dance, To Dance on the Moon, etc.   We encourage discussion of books as well, and in fact, anything that involves "Celtic culture" is welcome for discussion on the list.
    * Description of this list taken directly from the CelticCafe List description as of:  April 10, 2001
  • CelticCafeRIVERDANCE*
    This mail list is for fans of Riverdance to discuss all aspects of the show and their favorite performers.
    * Description of this list taken directly from the CelticCafeRIVERDANCE List description as of:  April 10, 2001

Who runs these mailing lists?

Both mailing lists are owned by Bernadette of The Celtic Cafe website.  These lists are moderated, meaning all messages submitted to the list must be approved first by a 'moderator'.  There are many moderators for these lists.  These moderators do an excellent job of keeping these lists "on topic" and are also an excellent wealth of knowledge on the Celtic Culture.

These lists sound interesting, how do I join?

To join a list you must enter your email address in the forms below



Powered by Yahoo! Groups

Note:  If you never have subscribed to a mailing list at, or or do not have a Yahoo! ID (free) you will be asked for some personal information before being subscribed to the lists.

Another Note:  If you had an previous account with or make sure you link your previous account with your Yahoo! ID so that your other list information is registered with Yahoo!


Ok, I joined now what?

So you finally subscribed to the list, what do you do now.  You send your first message, or maybe you have a question about the list, just contact the list owners.  Below are a list of email address for the most common commands.

The Celtic Cafe Mailing List



The Celtic Cafe Riverdance Mailing List


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