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On July 17th, 2001 I went to the mailbox and what did I find, a envelope from Abhann Productions Ltd.  I immediately opened the envelope to find a response to our petition.  It isn't what I had hoped for but it was response!

Here is what the letter says in full.

"10th July, 2001

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your letter of June 17th.  It has been circulated to, and read with interest by, all on your list.

While the points you make are valid and have been taken on board, I'm writing to confirm that there are currently no plans to produce a new Riverdance video.

I will keep you email details on file and, should there be any change of policy, will endeavor to send you the news first.

Thank you for your interest in Riverdance -- The Show, it really is appreciated!

Yours sincerely,

Teresa Longergan,
Assistant to the Senior Executive Producer"


While it appears that there will be no Riverdance on Broadway video, from what I am reading on the discussion board.  A Liffey video is in the works, although that has been said before I started the petition.

Although a little disappointed from the response, I am ecstatic that I got response in the first place, and to know that our petition was read.


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